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Robin Alexander Lesbian author

Robin Alexander is fluent in fourteen languages, including feline. She’s traveled the world, piloting her private jet. She invented chocolate and the letter Q. She is the first woman ever to swim from New Orleans to Cuba. Robin is also full of it because none of the above is true, but she does write fiction for a living.


She was born in Louisiana and has lived there all of her life. Since her heritage is Scottish and Irish and she’s allergic to seafood, she’s considered an honorary Cajun. When she’s not writing, she’s exploring her state with the top off her Jeep in search of the small towns on the water that inspire her.


Robin is awkward, sometimes shy, loaded with anxieties, accident prone, dangerous with power tools, and has been known to make idiotic decisions. She has been fortunate enough to turn her shortcomings into the hilarious characters you’ll find in her novels and short stories. Her passion is writing funny tales about falling in love, being imperfect and reveling in friendship.


Robin is convinced she has the best job in the world, and she’s extremely grateful for her fans who support her and enable her to do what she loves.

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