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By joining my mailing list, not only will you be the first to receive updates on my latest book and audio releases. but you will also be informed about special offers, giveaways and future events. You will also be able to download a free copy of the novella, LOVE, FROM A TO Z.

It started with a hair-pulling incident in third grade and soon Alicia Seguin and Zoe Rivers were sworn enemies. Unable to escape one another in the small town of Pitre, Louisiana, they traded insults and dirty looks well into adulthood. It took a flood and a determined grandmother armed with a bullhorn to turn the tide of their rivalry. Twenty years later, Alicia and Zoe relive the time they went from adversaries to lovers when Alicia’s niece seeks advice on dealing with her own adversarial relationship.

In this novella, Robin Alexander has woven a tale about how love can sneak up on us in disguise with her typical humor.

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