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Available now on Audio!

In exciting news, my latest Audiobook has been released. The novel, Pitifully Ugly, narrated by the lovely Lori Prince, is available now to purchase on Amazon. 

Shannon Brycen believes she is the epitome of pitifully ugly. Kalen, Shannon's overly social sister, is determined to play matchmaker and find a special someone for her sister. After a disastrous date with one of Kalen's recent selections, Shannon decides to take her love life back into her own hands by joining the local lesbian cyber matchmaker.


Mid 30s, still single, housebroken but rabid. If you're looking for something different, then I'm your girl. Write me if you dare.... P. U. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to build her profile after consuming half a bottle of her favorite wine...or to use a picture of herself at the age of six - after she had cut her own hair - as her online profile photograph.


Hiding behind the online persona of Pitifully Ugly, Shannon finds the courage to meet new women and face the disaster called dating. As her charming personality surfaces, Shannon's search for the perfect match may be closer than she realizes.

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Out Now on Audio!

 Always Alex,  narrated by Lori Prince, is available now to purchase on Amazon.  

Dana Castilaw grew up tossing coins in a well, hoping her wishes would come true, but the candy fountain, puppy, and love never seemed to manifest. At 18, she left her hometown of Barbier Point, Louisiana, longing to be free of her father's chokehold on her life and with a heart full of dreams she hoped would come true. Years later, she is forced to return home with at least one granted wish - her daughter, Sydney.

Alex Soileau stood at Dana's side for years tossing her coins into the well, making the same wish each time, a secret plea that she refused to reveal even to her best friend. Time and maturity insisted that she give up on her one fervent desire, but her heart never would.

Reunited as adults, both women realize that maybe there was magic in the well after all.


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